Digitisation and modern technology have benefited mankind significantly by offering advanced solutions for everyday needs.

One of the key areas where cutting-edge technology has aided human life is the remittance industry. In today’s globalized world, the number of overseas workers and expatriates is relatively huge in developed countries as compared with the past. Bangladesh is one of the countries that have a great population of people living and working in other countries. Finding out the most reliable money transfer methods is one of the biggest concerns for such Bangladeshi diasporas.

If you need to send money to Bangladesh online you will find how easy it has become now to make the transfer. Through online money transfer services such as ACE Money Transfer, customers can send and receive money from different world places, including Bangladesh.

The remittance industry plays a huge part in strengthening Bangladesh’s economy. While expatriate workers from Bangladesh gradually increased in the past few years, the country’s annual remittance also increased greatly.

According to the World Bank, Bangladesh is now one of the biggest remittance receivers, with around 11.38 billion GBP (almost $15.3 billion) received in 2018. It was the third biggest receiver of remittance in South Asia in 2018.

According to a survey on the usage of remittances carried out by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, 32.81% and 32.82% of remittances are used for food and non-food expenditures, respectively. Where 18.84% of remittances are being used for other expenditures, including 17.39% utilized in the purchase of land.

And, in the case of savings and investments, the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics shows that 33.45% of remittances go into investment and 13.74% of remittances into savings.

How to send money to Bangladesh online using ACE Money Transfer?

For a fast, easy, safe, and secure online money transaction to Bangladesh, you need to follow these few steps:

– Sign up:

First off, create your ACE Money Transfer account.

– Add details of your recipient:

Add details of who is going to receive your money.

– Send money:

Now securely complete your desired payment transaction. ACE Money Transfer has a firm belief that serving the customers and being there for them makes the company stands on top in the industry. The company offers all possible payout options and the most competitive exchange rate for money transfers throughout Bangladesh.

Which banks in Bangladesh receive remittances sent through ACE Money transfer?

ACE has teamed up with top payout partners in Bangladesh to provide quick transfer services. The following Bangladesh banks offer money transfers in collaboration with ACE:

Jamuna Bank
Agrani bank – Bangladesh
Standard Chartered Bank
Dutch-Bangla Bank
Sonali Bank
Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
Grameen Bank

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Why Choose ACE Money Transfer?

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It’s now easier than ever to send money to Bangladesh online using ACE Money Transfer. ACE is dedicated to providing you with competitive exchange rates, enabling many consumers to conduct secure online transactions daily. Bangladeshis would benefit from the fact that ACE is now connected to various money transfer providers in Bangladesh.