Mark Lyttleton: Being an Angel Investor

Mark Lyttleton has invested in and supported numerous fledgling businesses created with a focus on creating a positive planetary impact, including Scoot, Clim8, C-Cell, Maanch, and Ohm Energy. An experience business mentor, professional speaker, and angel investor, Mark Lyttleton provides business founders with not just financial support and business advice, but […]

The future of the tourism industry

The travel industry is currently under a lot of pressure. Since the whole world reopened, a lot of people have been wanting to start traveling again. This has resulted in an increased demand, which in turn means higher prices, since the industry is not able to increase the supply. This […]

How to get money on IMVU?

Introduction IMVU is a virtual world that makes real life come to play using avatar based social networks. Users of the platform can make videos, chat, go shopping, and do many rejuvenating things to throw away the boredom. The platform was introduced in 2014 and has reached new heights in […]

Is Management Software Important To Your Business?

For new businesses, spreadsheets like Excel and manual data entry are standard methods of gathering information. But over time, growing a company without the use of business management software becomes increasingly difficult. The use of software aids in establishing procedures for completing specific tasks in an organization. Using management software […]