B2B sales and marketing teams need to focus on generating high-quality leads and converting these leads into customers.

It is, however, not easy to generate and convert leads. If your sales and marketing teams can do it correctly, then they can help you beat your competitors and grow your business.

Quality is, however, more important than quantity. Do not just increase the number of your leads. Why? It might not help your business grow. If you can, however, increase the volume of your leads by 20% and still maintain your quality, you are more likely to grow your business by 20%.

It is, however, tough to generate leads. One of the biggest challenges for around 85% of the B2B businesses is lead generation.

It is critical to find high-quality leads. It can help your sales and business success a B2B prospector can assist with this.

Do not generate unqualified leads since they are not interested in your services. It is best to focus on generating qualified leads. You can use the following 6 strategies to find generate and convert leads:

1. Add Sales Chat to Your Site

Adding sales chat to your site can help reduce your website’s bounce rate. You can use your sales chat to turn your site visitors into warm leads. Your website visitors can use this tool to learn more about your services and products.

You will ensure something (a bot) or someone is there to interact or chat with your website visitors as they browse your website or check out your services and products.

Train your team to set up and implement your sales chat correctly. You will ensure your website visitors receive relevant information and content. You can use your content to solve their problems and help them understand your services and products. The content can help them make informed decisions about your business.

If you are not sure about adding a sales chat to your site, then you might want to see the results that you can achieve with a sales chat.

2. Use Outbound Calling

Your sales team must master outbound calling since you are more likely to make more sales over the phone. You, therefore, need to create an outbound calling strategy to help you increase your sales. You must take advantage of every interaction.

Here are some of the things you can include in your outbound calling strategy:

Clear goals – your average handle times for your calls and close rates

A strategy – you will use your strategy to qualify your leads to improve your conversions in the future

Follow-up plan – you will use it to increase your connection with your contact once you finish the call

A lot of marketing professionals do not use scripts for their outbound calls. If you, however, use scripts for your outbound calls, your sales team needs to give your prospects support. They should help your prospects and not force them to make decisions. Scripts are the best tools for your sales team. Do not, however, force your sales team to follow rules that do not help your prospects.

3. Social Selling

It is easy to use social media to increase your leads and boost your sales. For instance, many B2B businesses use LinkedIn to generate B2B leads since it is the social media platform for B2B businesses.

Social media platforms are not just for recruitment. You can use them to connect with qualified leads and share quality information with your leads. You can use social media to share your company updates and messages with your prospects.

Salespeople use social media platforms to meet their sales goals. Directors, on the other hand, can use social media to quickly achieve promotions.

It is even easy to use social media to learn more about leads before you contact them. For instance, you can know the position of an individual within their company on LinkedIn. You can even use social media to know how you can solve the pain points of your leads.

It is also easy to qualify leads on social media before you contact them. Therefore, you will know the purchasing power of a person in their business.

4. Quality Training

It is difficult to forget bad sales emails and calls. There are natural salespeople. Unfortunately, some people are not natural salespeople. If you can, however, provide the right training, your employees can become good salespeople.

People do business with each other. It is, therefore, best to provide the best tools to your sales team. Your sales team can use these tools to increase their chances of success.

Your training should include:

Scripts – your salespeople can use your scripts when necessary

Information on handling reluctant clients

Strategies to qualify leads and improve the quality of your existing leads

It is essential to provide your salespeople with proper training. The training ensures your salespeople maximize their sales effort. If your sales team is trained properly, they are more likely to increase your sales. They will sell your services and products to any customer. They can even sell to customers who make important sales decisions within their companies.

5. Sales and Marketing Alignment

If there is always a conflict between your sales and marketing team, you are less likely to achieve your sales goals. If there is an alignment between your sales and marketing team, your business is more likely to grow every year.

Here is how you can achieve alignment between your sales and marketing team:

You need to write a clear definition of what is a Sales and a Marketing qualified lead. Do not let your sales and marketing team argue over lead quality.

Agree when the marketing team passes the leads to the sales team to avoid confusion.

Use lead scoring for qualifying leads and prioritizing the best leads.

Create campaigns together and share onpage website content ideas. The two teams are different, so they can help each other to create content and campaigns.

6. Do Proper Research

A lot of people do not do proper research. The success of your business will depend on doing proper research. Do not, however, waste your time reaching out to some companies, especially the ones that you might not have a chance with. You can use your resources to do your research.

According to SalesLoft, it is very important to have a holistic view of the industry of your prospect and understand the company of your prospect. According to a 2016 report, 85% of people prefer businesses that have some knowledge of their industry and understand the challenges that they are facing.

Researching what your prospects are interested in can help you impress them. You can, therefore, browse websites, such as Twitter and LinkedIn, to know the latest trends. You can even read or watch industry news. And listen to the podcasts of the prospects that you are interested in.