The plexiglass barriers that will separate Harris and Pence at the debate probably won’t stop coronavirus-laden aerosols, scientists say

Plexiglass barriers will divide Kamala Harris and Mike Pence at the vice presidential debate on Wednesday. The barriers are meant as an additional protective measure to prevent potential COVID-19 transmission. But experts say the barriers would be mostly useless in preventing the spread of microscopic, coronavirus-laden aerosols. Visit Business Insider’s […]

The October bar exam in major jurisdictions like New York and California saw technical glitches for some test-takers — but the exam provider said 98% of users logged in successfully

An estimated 40,000 rising lawyers started a multiday bar exam today, which is being administered remotely for most of them after months of delay because of the pandemic. Some examinees complained of glitches, lags, and other technical issues on the test, which is being run by ExamSoft, a Texas test-taking […]

Trump’s doctors can only legally share health information that the president authorizes — which is why we don’t get the full picture

President Trump’s doctor has declined to answer several major questions about the president’s COVID-19 case. His physicians are bound by HIPAA privacy laws, which only allow them to disclose the details about a patient’s health that the patient has authorized them to share. No law requires presidents to share all […]

Trump, carrying the highly contagious COVID-19 virus, returns to the White House and dodges questions about how many people close to him have gotten sick

President Donald Trump left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday night, three days after he was admitted following news he tested positive for COVID-19. He will be treated in the White House medical unit. Multiple people in Trump’s inner circle have tested positive for COVID-19, including First Lady […]

THE STORIES REPORT: How brands can take advantage of the viral growth of the Stories format (FB, SNAP, GOOGL)

2019 Stories Report for Brands and Advertisers – Business Insider – Business Insider Amazon Prime Day Business Insider logoThe words “Business Insider”. 2019-04-25T19:48:00Z Business Insider Intelligence Stories are on track to become the main format for social media consumption, providing brands with a massive and vital opportunity to reach consumers. […]